Property Acquisition

Canreal has broad exposure to real estate owners, developers and brokers and, as a result of our good relationships in the industry, we are often exposed to new opportunities before they become available in the marketplace. We can actively pursue property acquisitions on a client’s behalf or simply act in an advisory role. Once a property is identified and placed under contract for purchase, Canreal can facilitate a comprehensive physical, financial and legal due diligence analysis of the property. We will work diligently to ensure that our client’s interests are protected throughout the acquisition process and to ensure an efficient property take-over.

Canreal also actively seeks opportunities to create real estate investment syndications, whereby a number of investors will pool their equity in one investment property. The purpose of these syndications is to enable potential investors to participate in the ownership of a property that would otherwise be too large for them to acquire on their own or simply to diversify their investment holdings. A syndication can be structured as a co-ownership arrangement or in the form of a bare trust.

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