Court-Appointed Receivership Services

Raymond P. Bergen acts as a Court-appointed receiver as well as in the capacity as an agent for mortgagees for the assignment of rents and Court-ordered sales. As a receiver Mr. Bergen will take possession of the asset in an orderly and timely manner and provide the necessary stability to rehabilitate the property or business.

Depending on the asset Mr. Bergen’s duties as receiver can include the following activities:

  • Take possession of the debtor’s asset(s) or real estate promptly and efficiently
  • Prepare an inventory schedule and document the physical condition of the asset(s)
  • Issue a detailed and comprehensive report to the client upon the initial taking of possession and as required throughout the duration of the appointment as receiver
  • Property management functions
  • Enforce and collect rent pursuant to the Court order or as required
  • Arrange and secure an operating loan, if required
  • Arrange for sale of the asset(s), if required

As a receiver the need for complete clarity and comprehensive reporting are essential. Therefore strong emphasis is placed on thoroughly investigating and reviewing all aspects of the asset(s) involved. This attention to detail will ensure that all actions can withstand the scrutiny of the Court or that of any other party.

Mr. Bergen has represented a number of financial institutions in British Columbia and has earned a reputation for excellence from his clients.

“Although all dealings with Canreal have demonstrated professionalism and competence, what sets this company apart is their creativity in dealing with difficult situations…they treat each assignment as if the property were their own. Simply put, they maximize real estate values while maintaining reasonable costs.” 
-Dean R. Atkins, VP Mortgage Investments, BC Investment Management Corporation

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